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YCP sells Quality Concrete Buckets from Garbro. R-Series , G-Series, Combo Series buckets allow Contractors to have light weight Concrete Buckets. Garbro is the manufacturer of Various Concrete Placement Buckets including Pre-Caster Buckets, Laydown Buckets and more

Lightweight Round-Gate Concrete Buckets

The Gar-Bro Round Gate or ‘R’ Series Concrete Bucket is 30% to 50% lighter than most standard steel buckets of the same capacity. The Double Clamshell 16-inch diameter gate featuring the patented Gar-Bro venturi throat is non-jamming, grout tight, and self-closing. A variety of attachments are available for all ‘R’ series buckets, including rubber accordion hoppers, side chutes, air operated gate systems, and extension collars.

•All "R-Series" Buckets listed above use optional item 409 Accordion Hopper.
•Optional 1/4 yard Extension Collars available for "G" and "R" series buckets.
•Optional 1/2 yard Extension Collars available for 1 yard and larger "R" series buckets.
•Optional forklift pockets available for all "R" series buckets.
•Optional item GAR-4 grouting attachment available.

General Purpose Concrete Buckets

Gar-Bro General Purpose or ‘G’ Series Concrete Buckets are built for modern concrete requirements and general concrete work. Sturdy design and construction provides long life expectancy. All ‘G’ Series buckets feature the Gar-Bro patented Double Clamshell Gate with vertical center discharge. Standard gate size is 15 inches x 22 inches. Extension collars for increased capacity are available for all models.
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•Prices and Specifications on these and larger items available upon request.

•* 22"x32" Gate also available.

•Optional forklift pockets available for all "G" series buckets.

•Optional 1/4 yard extension collars available for all "G" series buckets.

•Optional 1/2 yard extension collars available for 1 yard and larger "G" series buckets.

•All "G-Series" Buckets listed above use Item 409 Accordion Hopper.

Vertical Front Laydown Buckets

The Gar-Bro Lightweight Laydown Bucket is designed for situations in which the loading height of a conventional upright bucket is too great for charging without difficulty or delay. Frame design incorporates a support structure and pivoted lifting bail, which automatically rotates the bucket to a laydown position when lowered to the ground for charging and to a vertical position when hoisted for discharging. Standard gate is 15-inches by 22-inches, double clamshell type

•Prices and Specifications on these and larger items available upon request.

•*Optional 22" x 32" Gate also available.

•All "L-Series" Laydown Buckets listed above use optional item 409 Accordion Hopper.

•Optional Side Chute for "L-Series" Bucket available.

Combo Buckets

The Gar-Bro Combo Bucket is a vertical front bucket with a plate-type lifting bail, forklift pockets, and the patented Double Clamshell Gate as standard features. The exclusive slide-on attachments feature easy removal and installation of versatile accessories for a range of concrete placement solutions. Gar-Bro Combo buckets will handle concrete with up to 1-inch aggregate and slumps of 4 inches or greater.

Skidsteer Bucket - The GAR-BRO "Skidsteer" Bucket is a newly developed concrete bucket specifically designed as an attachment for the popular fleet of skidsteer loaders. Specifications 

"GEORGIA BUGGY" for Manual Placement of Concrete

Concrete Carts

Gar-Bro Concrete Carts are designed to be perfectly balanced when loaded to capacity. They are lighter at the handle and carry more load with less effort. They roll easily over rough terrain because Gar-Bro carts come standard with 26-inch O.D. pneumatic tires. Gar-Bro carts are equipped with rockers to facilitate high-angle dumping. Our Concrete carts provide a handy quick way to move ready mix from the truck to placement sites such as high rise floor slabs, inside locations not reachable by other means, or places where the pour is relatively small and the Sites are scattered.crete Carts carry more than wheelbarrows.

Garbro is the ONLY Manufacturer we know of these Heavy Duty Concrete Carts


Our wheelbarrows are much more than a portable trash can, they are designed to move wet concrete and other heavy loads efficiently and reliably. 


These Premium Wheelbarrows are designed for concrete placing and other heavy work. Balanced design and heavy construction provides better stability and control. Available with either seasoned hardwood or tubular steel handles, these barrows feature heavy gauge steel trays and single or dual wheels with ball bearings, grease fittings and your choice of a 4.00 x 8, 4 ply-rated pneumatic tire or 16-inch diameter steel wheel.

Gar-Bro wheelbarrows, because of their design features, are preferred by the user.  Prospective buyer should know this is a real wheelbarrow and not a portable trash can.  Some of the features of this robust barrow are:
1. The long nose tray design puts the load on the tire instead of on the man's arms.
2. The leg brace is designed in an inverted "V" so it will not hit the operator's shins
    when wheeling downhill.

3. The welded nosepiece holds the wheel, the tray, and the two handles securely so
    that the frame does not become loose and wobbly with use.
4. The rocker design on the nosepiece has enough area so it won't bury itself in the
    mud when the barrow is dumped.

5. The wheel has a 4-ply rated tire with a real tube instead of the paper thin tubeless
    tires used on most wheelbarrows today.
6. Our wheels have ball bearings with a grease fitting, as opposed to the plastic
    bushings in wide use on cheaper wheelbarrows.

7. The tray is made of no.16 gauge (.0598 inches / 1.52 mm) steel instead of the more
    common 18 or 20 gauge (.0478 or .0359 inches / 1.21 or .91 mm) and has a true
    rolled edge reinforcing lip using a 5/16 inch (7.94 mm) diameter steel rod instead
    of either  the hollow lip or rolled edge with a plastic rod in use today.  This means
    that the tray will hold its shape better than the others and you won't be able to poke
    a shovel through the tray.

8. The tray is supported by the frame and does not hold the frame together as with
    most other barrows.  The steel nosepiece and the two steel flat bars under the tray
    insure a rigid frame structure independent of the tray.  This eliminates the elongation
    of the holes in the wood handles and the racking of the tray common in most lesser

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